Is there any team leader who does not dream of a high-performing, committed, resilient and highly motivated team ?! – Is there anyone who does not want to be part of such a team ?!
Well, this is a question asked by young as well as experienced team leaders. Are there different rules under instable context conditions ? – Should we lead teams in another way in those contexts ? – Should we have another team build-up or should we cooperate in another way ?
The following is how we can contribute to your teams success:

  • systematically establishing a setting that enables high team performance
  • educating the teamleader (leadership, task, group dynamic, team-spirit etc)
  • educating individuals as advanced team-players

Team-Workshops, 1-3 days, preferred out of office, ideally at a close-to-nature- spot like the Schafferalm; special-purpose team-meetings (at companies´ headquaters}, e.g., ½ day

If you want a team beyond mediocrity you have to deal with emotional connection, spirit, fun, unfolding of potentials, with intrinsicly motivated proceeding to a goal that is attractive for everybody.