Brigitte Sachs-Schaffer – Systemic Consulting of Organizations is part of  a small network of senior consultants.

Depending on the project and the topic, either one of us will work together with the client or a specificly formed, interdisciplinary team of consultants.

By doing it this way, our client benefits from two advantages:

  1. working only with really experienced professionals
  2. getting the best available expert advice for this individual issue.

Dr. Friedrich Assländer, Würzburg –
Dr. Walter Bertolini, werk4 –
Ulrich Cremer, Copperconsulting, Hamburg –
Martin Crillovich –
Mag. Maria Eisner –
Gehlert Cooperation –
Ilse Gschwend, Graz –
Infosyon –

Dr. Jana Leidenfrost –

Mag. Margit Oswald osb‐international –

Mag. Andreas Sachs, SooM‐Managementberatung –
schoderboeck management consulting –
Karl Volonte, werk4 –
Dr. Elisabeth Wiesner‐Landerl –
Dr. Georg und Dr. Hans Wögerbauer –
Maria Eisner, Jobvitalität –