We are a group of consultants who see themselves as facilitators and connectors.

Facilitating in the sense of creating appropriate (learning-) space, connecting in the sense of bringing together knowledge – ideas – resources – potentials and people.

The USP is the multi-level-approach, that goes beyond, into the depth, where essential change takes place: We combine systemic principles of thinking and acting with a view on system dynamics, which sometimes are not so obvious to recognize. The person – seen as bottleneck of any sustainable development –  comes into the game by applying the analytic, person-oriented approach of Waldefried Pechtl.


Go beyond … where the music plays!

with analogue methods – complementary to analytic management instruments, our customers make new experiences in so called ´Analogue Learning Fields´. As modern brain research confirms, this enables to „defreeze“ or to escape habitual channels of thinking and patterns of acting. We try to activate intuitive knowledge and a more holistic systemic understanding, in order to facilitate upcoming new perspectives und solutions.

…with a cross-border approach – we use interdisciplinary cooperation (inside & outside), generate ideas and the best practice from different fields, in order to apply them to our customer´s own field. This leads to creativity, innovation and cooperation that go beyond previous borders.

.. focusing on a clear and intuitive company culture, which attracts both customers and employees because they believe what you believe.

.. towards mature (leadership-) personalities – there is no way around actively investing in awareness development, in reflection and lifelong learning. Every day, we need new competences in coping with contradictory contexts, uncertainty, diversity, conflicts. These also include learning to cooperate on a multicultural/interdisciplinary basis, and to provide strong, supportive and containing leadership in continuously changing contexts.