In my opinion, system constellations are one of the most innovative instruments for management that showed up in recent years. It is a technique to visualize complex situations, such as structures, dynamics and processes that are simultaneously shown in the relevant field. In addition, participants get a live-experience and are partially active contributors.

This is the USP of the method: You quickly and impressively get to the crucial core issue of that specific situation. You draw conclusions from what you have seen and infer appropriate next steps.

More Information

System-Constellations are especially useful: 

  • As effective diagnosis-instrument
  • To give direction and support for decision-making
  • To synchronize different pictures in the heads of participants and, by doing this, focusing the energy towards a common goal
  • To simulate effects of for example strategic options, structural changes, transformation processes, M&A, plans for going international, and others – in a protected environment where positives and obstacles can be identified in private without public attention.

Special Formats and Offers are:

Format Description Involved
Company-Check-Up Initial system-dynamic diagnosis for the company or a business-field Management
War-Gaming Thorough competition- analysis from the perspective of main competitors; Including strategic conclusions Interdisciplinary circle (sales, marketing, F&E, controlling, production, if necessary extern partners (advertising agency, market research)
Consumer-Gaming Thorough customer/consumer-analysis from their perspective; holistic understanding of target- groups („I am my potential customer“) Interdisciplinary circle (sales, marketing, F&E, Controlling, production, if necessary extern partners (advertising agency, market research)
Resources´ Room Intuitive comprehension of strengths, intrinsic motivation, core-competences, potential, etc. Individual or team-coaching; bigger groups
Brand Constellation Multifocal insights concerning brands; testing of plans (launch, re-launch, line-extension, ad-campaign, etc.) Marketing (if necessary extended circle)
System Constellations in Project Management System-dynamic view at a project, in important project- phases; e.g. before kick-off, at important milestones, in case of conflicts, crises, etc. Project-Manager + if necessary Project-Owner; with or without the members of the project-team


System Constellations are a Go-beyond method par excellence. Often it is simply this small, clever intervention that can lead to the deciding „Aha-effect“, the „solution“, or towards innovation in consulting-processes. Preconditions: professionalism when working with this method and an open mind for the ´reality´.