How simple (and boring) would leadership be, if it was just a couple elegant tools or management techniques ?! However, leadership is very complex, and has a lot to do with experienced corporate culture and authentic personality.
Our leadership-trainings are based on Kotter´s model of „Dual Leadership“, where he distinguishes leadership and management as two sides of the coin.
In our trainings, participants work on their own specific leadership issues, reflect on them and practice them.
Key-Issues of our Leadership-Trainings are:

  • The executive´s personality
  • The executive as a leader of people & teams
  • The executive as a leader in his/her field of responsibility
  • The executive as provider of good general conditions

4-6 modules á 2-3 days, in-house or in open accessible groups
Methods: On-the-Job -Training; using different approaches (theory, models, exercises, reflection, sharing)

Each participant will learn to develop his or her very own identity as an executive, based on the own company´s culture. What is required, is Personality!