Suppose your company is faced with these ongoing general conditions:
Breathtaking speed, pressure to grow and to compete, insufficient resources, complexity, unpredictability of financial markets, business cycle, environment, clients, employees, competitors etc.
This typically results in the following dilemma: increasing need for problem-solving while resources decrease.
Our sensorium and our familiar tools are not prepared for this. Organizations need to develop special capabilities like ´organizational resilience´, and elasticity to cope successfully with these new rules of the game.
In fact, at this point it makes sense to work with a system-dynamic approach.
Sometimes it´s „just“ a simple, strong impulse from outside. Sometimes it may be a little help along the way if you, dear client, are on the way to challenging areas of your development.
We can help you …

  • designing and containing the process
  • focusing on the system as a whole (strategically, structurally, culturally, affected people)
  • changing the perspective, making a ´reality-check´, breaking old patterns of behavior
  • identifying and focusing on what´s substantial
  • mobilizing and bundling energy for change
  • creating space for reflection, impulses, new experiences, innovation and unfolding potentials

…specifically applied in matters of Change Management, in the Fields Strategy, Structures, Processes, Innovation, Going international, Resource-Management, Leadership-Development, HR etc.

Together with you we develop an appropriate structure for processes on all levels; and we facilitate – if necessary – the implementation.
Go beyond…
It appears to be the inner attitude of how you approach change-processes, which is the crucial factor for success or failure. ´Beyond´ means, to explicitly reinvent attitudes, (unconscious) beliefs, cultural patterns in order to let emerge new ideas, solutions etc.