Keywords describing the context-conditions for leaders respectively employees are: high pressure from outside and from oneself; requiring high resilience and performance, unlimited availability etc.
Instable outside-conditions require stable, mature personalities.
As every personality ´functions´ and reacts in a different way to these new challenges, individual support is not a ´nice-to-have´ but a an essential strategic issue.

Our coaching can support you in these contexts:

In new situations – new tasks, first time leadership-position, new business /country / team … Challenge-Coaching
In crucial situations – when it really counts Sparring-Partner-Coaching
If you want to support HR-goals, e.g. in context of an appraisal interview
If a person has a specific problem which inhibits, e.g.  some lack of self-esteem, coping with conflicts, with specific colleagues or negotiating partners etc.
In case of burn-out-risk, unbalanced resource-management
For high level-executives, to whom nobody tells „the truth“ any more (self-image / how others see them / percetion-traps)



Due to my consequently solution-focused coaching approach
3-10 coaching-sessions will lead to the desired result
Varieties: Coaching-Cheque for 5 to 10 units; single unit dealing with a special purpose; development-facilitation
Place: Home-office in Gießhübl; company: on demand

Quickly getting to the core by using analogue methods


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